Monday, 3 November 2014


Hello readers, I am really glad to write this post to you. I have written this with an intention to deliver simple wisdom about the negative situations we face in our lives, and thus help ourselves build a different perspective towards them. I hope this may help you.

Everything that you do, every action of yours provides you some experience. Throughout our day we have many experiences, we feel different emotions. These experiences can be basically divided into two, the positive ones and the negative ones. Just to put it into an example, having a cup of coffee can be a pleasant experience while finding yourself struck in the traffic is something you may like to avoid. For every situation of your life there can only be two possible outcomes, that you can feel either good or bad about it. Well you may already know all that, I mean what is so new about it?

This is exactly where we need to learn something. In reality there is nothing as such a positive or a negative situation, but just events in your life. To feel good or to feel bad about something is a decision made by you, based on the believes and ideas you have developed about your life and this world. We can understand this better by taking a look towards the world around us. When I was in school I had learned that everything in this universe is made up of atoms, atoms to be further made up of protons, electrons and neutrons. Now if you where a little more attentive in your science class you must be knowing that the proton is a positive particle while the electron is a negative one, together they cancel out each other's effect and the atom becomes neutral. What we need to know over here is that there is nothing that makes the proton to be positive or the electron to be negative, those are just tags which we have provided them for our better understanding, in reality they are just two opposite forces balancing each other. Same is with our lives where we see two opposite forces: Joy and sorrow balancing the equations. Just as both proton and electron are needed for the existence of the universe, in the same way we need both joy and sorrow for the journey of our life.

So all those people who desire to live their lives free from sufferings and problems, should probably begin to see things the way they really are. People believing that they should always be happy should realise that its impossible and even pointless to think in such a way. You do not agree to me? Ok then imagine yourself to be happy, happy all the time. Imagine yourself as a person who has never experienced any sorrow or any pain, in such a situation there wont be any change in your emotions and thus you will fail to enjoy the very feeling of happiness that you were experiencing. The point I want to make clear to you is precisely said in the words:
There is neither happiness nor
misery in the world; there is only
the comparison of one state to
another, nothing more. He who has
felt the deepest grief is best able to
experience supreme happiness. We
must have felt what it is to die,
that we may appreciate the
enjoyments of life.
           -Alexandre Dumas

You cannot fully enjoy happiness unless you taste a bit of sorrow. This reminds me of the famous poet Anne Bradstreet as she said: If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

Don't you think that the pain in our lives elevates the value of joy. So let us make it a point to develop a sense of respect towards the negative, as it helps is savour the positive.

Another important thing we need to know about the "tough times" of our lives is that they always come with the opportunity of growth. Do not let the pain paralyze you, instead use it to direct your energy towards creating the best out of your life. Let us not harden ourselves towards this reality of life, but accept the negative and learn from it the lessons required to live our best lives.

As we learned in this post that feeling good or bad is a choice. This means we have the power to allow any moment to cheer us up or tear us apart. Although sorrow is unavoidable in fact its necessary for our existence(reason has been discussed in this post) What I am trying to say is we hold the key towards feeling joyful and accepting every situation with a positive mindset. Even after knowing all this we are going feel hurt at times, broken down by pain and left with nothing to begin again... But its ok to feel so, after all we are humans, all we need to remember is:
Participate joyfully in the sorrows of the world. We cannot cure the world of sorrows, but we can choose to live in joy. -Joseph Campbell

what I personally believe is that everything in our lives which is not in our control is ultimately for the good. As long as we remain true to ourselves the universe supports us in every way. Some days are joyful some of them are dark and that is exactly what makes life worth living!

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