Monday, 3 August 2015

Discover your SELF-WORTH

"You must not take up science in high school", "What are you going to do when you grow up?", "You better plan out your life, unless you want to waste it!", "Go for something that is safe and has guaranteed results, life is too short to be risked."

Right from a very young age, all of us are bombarded with such advises. But do you think these are just plain advises? This is how our minds understands all of this:
"Do not lead you own way, do what everyone else does, simply because you are good for nothing" , "Not knowing what to do is a bad thing", "If you do not earn enough money or status, you have failed" , "Never try something where you can fail, because if you do you certainly will."
As kids we grow up believing all of this,  although any of this is hardly true.

But why do we end up believing and doing what others think we must do? Because we do not know who we are. We look for approval from friends and family and do what they think is good or worthy. We believe if we do what everyone expects us to do they will like us and this would be the proof that we are lovable, good or worthy. Stupid isn't it? All this is subconscious so we do not notice ourselves while we act like that but if you pay some attention it will be clear to you how we keep trying to receive approval from everyone.

Here is the truth: Every human is different and unique. Our DNAs may be 99.99% same but it still holds a 0.001% variation and that enough to make a difference(there is no big or small on the scale of the universe.) as I said everyone is different, all are brought up in uniquely different ways, all go through uniquely different set of events so this simply implies that all of us think in different ways. The way we approach life and situations is different and so "the right thing to do" in any given moment differs from individual to individual. To put it straight, different people have different idea of "self-worth", but the problem is most of us hardly know who we really are let alone discovering our idea of self worth. So what to do? Like always we try talking a shortcut, we copy others or end up doing what they believe is the good/right thing to do (funny how everyone else is doing the same!) here is an example: You receive your first salary and you want to celebrate with your girlfriend, she on the other hand is a very generous person she asks you to donate a part of it to the poor but you are in no mood to do so. Just to match her expectations you cancel the movie you had planed and donate the same money, what you did was ignored yourself to be liked by others. Now one must understand that none of the people in the above example are wrong, its good to be generous and it is also fine if you aren't but what you choose to do must be in line with what you believe. Often while fulfilling expectations we end up into something that I like to call a "should-cage". 
Being trapped in a should-cage means finding yourself doing things which you don't want to do, but you think you should do. Have you taken major decisions of your life based on what you should be doing rather than  what you wanted to do?

I'll tell you about one of my should-cage: I'm a second year college student. I really enjoy studying physics but I believe college isn't my thing. I do not find it fruitful to invest my time and energy into the way they teach me, I have my own phase and style and being constantly poked on how I'm supposed to do things is a real pain. So what must I do about it? Simple answer: Quit college. But hey, slow down. Talking this major step requires me to  go against a very strong notion that has been rooted into the minds of people for a very long time i.e. You can't do anything, seriously nothing without a college degree.

[India is full of orthodox beliefs when it comes to education. Here people believe that if you take up science in high school you are left with only two career choices, the medical profession or engineering. If someone comes up with the idea of doing research then he\she is certainly an idiot, while studying science for the fun of it(something that I like to do) isn't even an option. Becoming a doctor is an expensive deal unless your grades are fantastic, so most of the students end up being engineers. India generates about 1.5 million engineers every year, this is way too more than what this nation can provide employment for. But I really wonder what these young people would have done\been if they just followed the light within their hearts, instead they allowed the society to dictate their choices, did what they should have done and not what they wanted. Result of all this, lost direction in life! ]

Anyway, so we were talking about "should-cages". Do you understand now how we place our sense of worth on the "shoulds"?  I have placed my sense of worth on an college degree, allowing it to define who I am, passing all my power and control to it. (Seriously got to fix it quickly!) Take a look into your lives, are you into any should-cages? Doing something you don't want to still finding hard to quit? If yes we must find a way to put back the power into our on hands.

 Discover your Self-worth
The best way of doing so is knowing yourself. I have just tapped into the process and there is a long way to go, but its already so much fun. Knowing who you are includes understanding the way you think and behave, getting to know what you like and dislike, taking care of your needs and the list goes on. But just knowing isn't enough, you have to love and respect yourself for all of this. Take up full responsibility of who you are and be proud of it. I know it is easy said than done, but with the right efforts we can get there. The more you begin to know who you are the less you respond to the "shoulds". Your awareness of yourself increases your self worth and you  no longer need to do what the world expects from you, because you are already good enough! This fills you with a sense of freedom like none other.  You shift to a higher level of existence where your life becomes a reflection of who you are and no longer remains a  collections of dead lifeless actions. You free yourself from being a social-robot and transform into a true Human!

As I continue my journey within, I encourage you to do the same. Take the leap towards your true self and witness the greatness that lies within.
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See you later with some more humble wisdom, Stay amazing!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Do what you LOVE

I am sure all of us have come across these words at some point in our lives "Do what you LOVE" Sounds so simple right?
when I take a look at the world around me I find so many people who fail to live this truth on a daily basis. Even I was one of them until the day I realised how important it was to follow my heart's voice and to do what I loved. If you are not among the people who are lucky enough to get the chance of doing what they like then do not worry, because as a part of my mission to uplift humanity's consciousness I m going to share how you can get doing what you want.
As humans, we all are driven toward unique activities or particular ways of living which are in line with our values. Rejecting that lifestyle or activity and settling for anything less(something you do not enjoy) can be like eating junk food, comfortable in the beginning but harmful to health in the long run. In fact a lot of negative emotions like stress , anger, crankiness etc. may arise by doing something you do not enjoy, after all your heart finds no joy in it. You deserve to do whatever you may choose for yourself. As Jennifer love hewitt said:
The ultimate dream in life is to be able to do what you love and learn something from it.
Now, the first thing you got to do is find out what your passion is. For some people this can be a tough job, but if you make an sincere effort I am sure you will succeed at it. Do whatever it takes to find you passion. Rise up early in the morning and meditate or talk to your family & Friends, go back to school or may be begin something new do all that you can but find "your stuff" that would give you peace and satisfaction, something you would love to do everyday it could be anything. Do not worry if it is not that realistic, you just name it.
(if you have any suggestions regarding how one can find his/her passion then feel free to share them in the comment box. For those who still face trouble finding clarity , I will soon be publishing another post on this particular topic)
Once you figure out what you want in your life things become a bit scary!
Knowing what you want to do is good, but standing against all odds and living your passion, that is what makes all the difference.
You will have to make the time and generate the resources that can help you achieve your goals. You may have to quite your existing job or may need to rise up early in the morning to practice your activity\lifestyle. Whatever it may be make necessary changes in your daily routine so that "your stuff" Can fit in.
Never continue a job you don't enjoy. If you are happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, you'll have inner peace.
                              - Johnny Carson
In my case there came a point when I realised that my life had been left on autopilot. I was just going through days one after the another. It felt as if the world had got control over me until the day I decided to put the power back into my hands. I started spending less time and energy toward the activities that were not important to me, on the other hand I began doing what I enjoyed more I read books, watched movies, started writing(more) , did everything that kept me grounded. You may feel its all a complete waste of time but the satisfaction I was experiencing made it clear to me that it was worth the efforts. I am now super excited by the possibility of spending every day of my life doing what I love.
You think that is not practical right?
I mean you need to make a living, You need to earn some money. Sitting back at home doing "your stuff" Wont get you anywhere right?
Do what you love and money will follow.
              -Marsha sinetar
Money was not the first priority for Bill Gates, but he really enjoyed writing computer programs. He just followed his passion and money followed him.
Your desire for security is taking you away from a life of satisfaction and fulfilment. One must let go of the ground to fly up in the sky.
Remember there will be hard times but do not give up, just do what your heart says and prosperity will follow. This requires a lot of courage but what fun is life without some moments of risk and suspense!
But the true reward of doing what you love lies not in the money that you may receive but in the satisfaction you experience. At the end of the day you have a smile on your face which comes from a heart that is fulfilled and at peace. You will see your world talking a U-Turn. Your energy levels will be higher than ever and you will be ever-joyful
If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.
                        -Marc Anthony
Finding out what you love and going after it every day may not be that easy, but it is definitely worth it! All the very best to you, enjoy the adventure.
Go, Do what you LOVE!